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The Vidi OP world premiere:
HDTV video technology for integration with operating theatre lights.

Maintal, 18 November

Operating theatre video technology is growing ever more important, and high-resolution HDTV video technology is the coming standard. The new Vidi OP system, which can be integrated easily even into existing operating theatre lights, makes its use cheaper and more user-friendly than ever before. The Vidi OP world premiere is taking place in Düsseldorf at Medica 2009, one of the most important international medical technology trade fairs. 

Until now, using video technology has been a laborious business, with the camera system having to be built into the operating theatre lighting. The Völker Medical Vidi OP System eliminates this expensive and time-consuming process. It is simply mounted separately on to an additional support arm, and can also be used directly in operating theatre lights prepared for this purpose. This makes the Vidi OP System the world’s first and only video system that can be integrated with any manufacturer’s operating theatre lights, thus opening up new prospects for the use of high-resolution HDTV video technology.

The Vidi OP system comprises a camera, support arm and control unit, while a socket allows it to be fitted directly into operating theatre lights. It can be operated both from the camera and remotely via the control unit. Twin-wire transmission developed in house by Völker even permits the use of durable slip rings.

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